Connectivity Solutions

Tailored to your business needs, JDG IT offers a growing list of Connectivity Solutions provided by AT&T,, and other providers.

By going through JDG IT and not an agent, you'll receive better levels of service with better pricing!

Unlike many IT firms, we're not going to offer you the service of the day that pays us the most commission irregardless if it meets your needs.

Business Broadband Internet

Enterprise grade Broadband solutions keep your business online and connected at an everyday affordable rate.

Business Fiber Internet

Experience speeds like never before with Fiber Optic powered Internet Service at an affordable rate.

Speeds available up to 1Gb/1Gb.

*Geographical and speed limitations apply.

Dedicated Fiber Service

Keep your mission critical business connected with a Dedicated Fiber Optic circuit. 

Speeds available up to 10Gb.

100Gb coming in 2019.

Affordable SIP Trunking

As a Master Agent, we provide our clients affordable and reliable SIP Trunking services with packages to meet the needs of any sized business and budget.

Enterprise SIP Trunking

Enterprise grade SIP services powered by AT&T provide a guaranteed SIP connection for your mission critical business.

LTE Backup

When your internet experiences an outage, it can have detrimental consequences for your business. With LTE and 5G backup, you can ensure your business will stay online and functioning as normal.

Connectivity Solutions Tailored To Your Business

Keeping your business online and connected is a vital task for any business owner. With reliable Connectivity solutions that are managed by JDG IT, backed by a globally leading backbone provider, you can rest assured knowing your business will be online and operational.

A few major benefits by going through JDG IT:

You Work Directly With Us!
As a reseller, we provide the same great service at a fraction of the cost!
As a reseller, we have access to exclusive deals and specialty rates that can be bundled with other JDG IT Solutions.

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