Infrastructure and Physical Security

JDG IT provides a growing list of Infrastructure and Physical Security Solutions tailored to your business needs.

Structured Cabling

JDG IT provides Structured Cabling solutions for your business's needs and budget. We can handle projects of any size!

Access Control Systems

JDG IT can Design, Deploy, and Maintain Access Control Systems of any size. We offer solutions from leading providers such as Honeywell for commercial deployments and ButterflyMX for multi-dwelling properties.


Access Control has quickly replaced the traditional key and lock system. With access control, you can track employee movement, restrict access to areas, and much more with an Access Control System provided by JDG IT.


Worried about an employee or tenant keeping a key copy? With our access control system, you can remove access within seconds.

IP Camera Systems

JDG IT Specialists are trained to effectively Design and Deploy IP Camera Systems, including 4K Ultra HD recording options.


Traditional Security Camera Systems become bulky, expensive to maintain and provide sub par video quality. 


JDG IT Designs systems that will work for your  specific business needs and budget. 


We work with multiple manufacturers to ensure you have a choice in systems opposed to the traditional one size fits all offered by many of the traditional camera installers.

Our Partners